Sano Di Pietro (Siena 1405 -1481)

The miracle of Saint Bernardino of Siena and the revival of the child, Amico.


Old Masters New Perspectives

Masterworks from The Alana Collection

9 June 2022

Lot 1

A child dressed in plain tunic with scarlet stockings levitates near the rim of a large barrel from which he's been recovered after drowning, or nearly so. His mother leans over, her eyes fixed on his distressingly limp form. The drama is incomplete and slightly confused by the absence of Saint Bernadino who's presumed to have intervened in a positive manner. His angelically elevated form may have been included above this fragment or perhaps on an adjacent panel. Previously described as 'Workshop of Pietro Lorenzetti', it has more recently been attributed to Sano Di Pietro based on the scholarship of Carl Brandon Strehlke. Executed in tempera, the warm tones representing the interior are particularly vibrant and appealing. An underlay of vermillion is suffused with softer pink and apricot tones. Gold inlaid bands highlight the yellow earth pigments which delineate both the rim of the barrel and the mother's braided hair. The supporting panel measures 19.1 x 16.7 cm and is part of a larger work which would have been commissioned for devotional purposes. Auction estimate US $80,000 - $120,000.

Stuart Davis    Town and Boats

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26 May 2022