Frank Auerbach

Reclining Model IV


Modern British Art

18 – 24 November 2021

Lot 412

Here's a study which extends the practice of drawing through reworking the material process. Images of the reclined female nude are representative of western academic traditions and seemingly difficult to engage with in a modernist and contemporary context. While Auerbach and his contemporaries benefitted from life drawing classes, their goal was to break down the components, enabling each sensation to be represented through applications of charcoal or paint. That's why this picture's surface is so dense and heavily constructed with compelling combinations of gestural stroke, uncertainty and erasure. While truth's a weighted concept, Auerbach has steadfastly avoided the superficialities of appearance in search of something more difficult and longer lasting. Evidence is embodied through the image, carrying the weight and substance of its intention. Auction estimate (£40,000 - £60,000)

Price realised at auction: £378,000

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17 November 2021