Federico Zuccaro

The Submission of the Emperor Frederick Barbarossa to Pope Alexander III


Master Works on Paper from Five Centuries

26 January 2022

Lot 14

This technically astute drawing aims to depict an idealised resolution of conflict between historical figures, the ambitious and determined Emperor surrenders to Alexander and ultimately the authority of the Papacy. Theatrical in its composition, the eye's drawn from the foreground to it's principal subjects and architectural landmarks, a mixture of medieval and renaissance elements. The artist's quest for rationality and order is most apparent but there's something uneasy about the few faces turned outward. Like every masterful work, something will resonate with our own perspective. Today as conflict seems periodically resolved by the weight of ceremony, we still search for those revealing faces amidst the crowd. Auction estimate (US $30,000 - $40,000)

Price realised at auction US $18,900

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8 December 2021