Martin Thompson

Untitled (turquoise)

Art + Object

New Collectors Art Including the Kunst Collection

23 February 2021

Lot 29

This work on paper comprises a diptych of highly correlated and precisely fractal forms. Executed with mental rigour and coloured ink on a prepared grid, their design references the calculated logic and structure of a mathematical idea. Often perceived as an artworld outsider, Thompson's practice fits within a modernist context where art objects become appendices or evidence for the conceptual process of their creation. This is sensed at the paper surface, so fragile, yet supporting the intellectual weight and resolve behind each image. The estimated price (NZ $2,000-3,000) suggests a well informed collector might obtain this idiomatic work for a modest outlay.

Price realised at auction: NZ $3,363

Jude Rae      Untitled


Art to Date

21 February 2021