Kathe Kollwitz

Mutter Gebt Von Eurem Uberflub 1926


Inaugural Prints & Multiples Auction

9-23 September Online

Lot 27

This lithograph effectively conveys the emotions of birth and motherhood without recourse to melodrama or sentimentalism. There is nothing awkward or contrived in the curved lines delineating the mother's body. These are simply suggestive of her strength, compassion and concern for the new lives she bears responsibility for. The midwife is a study of concentration, suggesting total dedication to the mother and her twin babies. Compositionally, there are echoes of Rembrandt whom the artist would have studied at the Women's Art School in Munich. The work selected is amongst three female artists represented in this particular sale. It appears to be quality over quantity here as the Jessie Traill and Gwyn Hanssen Pigott items are equally worthy of collectors attention. Auction estimate (AU $2,000-$4,000).

Price realised at Auction: AU $2,272

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7-15 September Online