Gwyn Hanssen Pigott

Warm Still Life


Important Australian Art

17 November 2021

Lot 42

This trio of porcelain bottles exhibit an outwardly rustic form complemented by uniform subtleties of texture and surface luminosity achieved through wood firing of organic and mineral glaze components. Their presence as still life composition is reinforced by the manner in which light opens the possibilities of spatial language across infinite gradations of illumination and shadow. Like Giorgio Morandi's still life paintings, the subdued intensity of their 'warmth' is developed against a substrate of muted and cool greys. Like an evening in the desert, a hard won but deserved warmth, perhaps. Her close study of natural elements recall an Australian continent (contemporary and primordial) where things combine to become other than the sum of their parts. Auction estimate (AU $2800 - $3500)

Price realised at auction: AU $3,444

Moffat Takadiwa      Smell of Foriegn Policy, 2015


Art Moderne & Contemporain Africain

13 November 2021