CJ Hendry

Red Paint Swatch (Small)

Blue Paint Swatch (Small)


Important Australian & International Art

1 December 2021

Lot 17

Catherine Jenna Hendry is one of the astute young artists whose current success is not entirely dependent on the institutional frameworks of the art industry. Whether she's approved or not by the cultural gatekeepers is irrelevant since she maintains a broad and receptive audience across social media platforms. In addition to heightened technical skills, her energy and work ethic ensure a market exposure beyond the reach of most contemporaries. The works to be auctioned are two hyper- realistic drawings of luscious paint swatches, one red the other blue. They have sufficient impact to resonate across the history of pop art, where Lichtenstein's brushstroke first parodied the cultural obsession with expressive or gestural applications of paint. Like her other works, these drawings negotiate an ontological tightrope enabling them to read as both celebration and critique of contemporary consumer culture. Auction estimate (AU $20,000 - $30,000)

Price realised at auction AU $63,818.18