Robin White

Black Standard over Victory Beach


Art to Date

30 May 2021

Lot 648

A folio of monochrome screenprints from a tightly limited edition. Rigorously executed, they reference the artist's Bahai faith and personal courage in times of adversity. Depicting a moodily complex landscape inscribed with handwritten text to convey pressing urgency. A white tent and the black standard symbolise the inner resolve required for strong actions based on moral principle and necessity. “Whoever is unprepared for the great trials that lie before us let him now repair to his home and give up the journey” Executed in 1981, a divisive time in New Zealand when the Springbok Rugby tour generated strong resistance against racial injustice.

Ralph Hotere      Towards Aramoana, Drawing for a Black Window, 1981

Shapiro Auctioneers

Australian and International Art – Session 1

25 May 2021