Fred Williams

Lysterfield Paddock No. 1, 1973

Deutscher and Hackett

Important Australian + International Fine Artworks

4 May 2022

Lot 79

Here's a visually enticing work by an Australian painter who developed a unique view of the landscape, one recognised locally and abroad. Part of this was his ability to describe vast scale in a noticeably succint manner. The source of this was perhaps a combination of studying indigenous art along with the experience of looking carefully while flying over the essential topographies. The vocabulary of painterly marks is vigorous and seemingly without hesitation. A sureness of touch and delight in the tactile qualities of paint, there's also an underlying pulse encouraging each viewer to concentrate while exploring the limits of the picture plane. There's a subdued spirituality, not comparable to the complex and merging journeys of indigenous representation, but a worthy effort nonetheless. In terms of colour, this painting is masterful with its transluscent emerald foreground contrasted with rusty ochre hills and an expansive sky reminiscent of of sun bleached bone. In summary, a minor classic from one of the countries most celebrated artists. Auction estimate AU $200,000 - $300,000.

Llyn Foulkes    Untitled (Small Bloody Head)

Made in California Contemporary Artworks
20 April 2022