Camillo De Vito

Four views of the Vesuvius erupting


Old Master & British Drawings

14 - 28 January 2022

Lot 52

From the eighteenth century an increased popularity of tours across the continent established a strong market for specialist artworks which could be shown to dramatic effect amongst the posessions of wealthy patrons. Almost a genre in itself, panoramic views across the Bay of Naples were enlivened by the presence of the unpredictable Mount Vesuvius. Because so many works on paper were damaged or lost during transit, the number of skillfully executed originals is less than generally supposed. This collection would have been expensive at the time of purchase and appears to be in good condition. Gouache or body colour is a technically difficult medium and the detail and dramatic staging of the four scenes lend a similar appearance to the matte paintings widely employed in film production prior to the use of digital rendering. Auction estimate (US $6,000-$8000).

Federico Zuccaro    The Submission of the Emperor Frederick Barbarossa to Pope Alexander III

Master Works on Paper from Five Centuries
26 January 2022