Damien Hirst



This is Tomorrow: Works from the David Ross Collection

7-15 September Online

Lot 452

To what extent can the branded packaging of pharmaceutical companies be parodied to deliver a contemporary cultural critique? This generously scaled screenprint references the chemical compound Moclobemide, a drug prescribed for certain types of depression and anxiety related disorders. There's no particular emphasis here, since other works from The Last Supper series refer to compounds across a spectrum of therapeutic applications. Their commonality arises through stylistic imitation of original packaging and descriptions which undermine the perceived medical or social relevance of each product. In earlier work by this artist, pharmaceutical product lines were referenced in large scale installations. This contrasted an iconographic potential with the practical and spatial arrangement of mass produced items at their point of distribution. Meatballs distills this (implied) juxtaposition in a two dimensional image. Auction estimate (£1,500- £2,000).

Price realised at Auction £5,670

Bill Culbert      Yellow Still Life

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10 August 2021