William Eggleston

Untitled (Atlanta) 1984


Photographs, New York

6 April 2022

Lot 41

This subtle image ticks many of the boxes to distinguish it as something exceptional and worthy of our attention. In the first instance it captures the paradox of its time. For much of the developed world, the mid eighties promoted hollow individuality while political structures and urban centres effaced history in their drive toward increasingly present and modular representations of post-modernity. The single individual, near centre frame appears confident and relaxed yet somehow disengaged from awareness beyond her presence in the moment. On a technical note, the subdued tonality and slight overexposure distances this image from the slickness of commercial photography. It's composed to reference traditional vanishing point perspective whilst subverting this through intersecting architectural lines and falling shadows which contribute to flattening the picture plane. Incidentally the foreground shadows provide drama, in the sense we imagine them being cast from technology involved in population surveillance, 1984 indeed. Auction estimate (US $4,000 - $6,000).

Margaret Olley    Flannel Flowers 1975

Important Australian & International Art
31 March 2022