Francis Upritchard


Art + Object

The Collection of Adrian Burr and Peter Tatham

4 November 2021

Lot 86

International dealer Gian Enzo Sperone suggests that '...perhaps 90 to 95% of contemporary art will be forgotten, if not immediately then in a few decades'. With this in mind the relaxed collector might seek whatever feels fresh and interesting for them, rather than follow trends or attempt to predict the selective processes of art historical relevance. Choosing work from a distinguished private collection has the advantage of securing provenance and guaranteeing, in most cases, authenticity. These type of collections are comparatively rare and can offer hidden gems amongst their trophy pieces. An example here is the untitled lithograph with applied watercolour, dated 2009 by New Zealand artist Francis Upritchard. This is a work that speaks to fragility and the possibilities of any moment. The female figure is drawn with economy and precision, enabling her expressiveness to be conveyed through the extremities, in particular her feet which splay outward to convey vulnerability. Her face is decorated with diamonds of colour that somehow manage to be vibrant yet pale at once. It's an intriguing work, both modest and difficult to categorise. It feels unecumbered by expectation, something which arises a bubble from the depths of a pond. Auction estimate (NZ $3,000 - $5,000)

Price realised at auction: NZ $4,103

Larva Labs      Cryptopunk #4964


Contemporary Art Day Auction

8 October, 2021