Moffat Takadiwa

Smell of Foriegn Policy, 2015


Art Moderne & Contemporain Africain

13 November 2021

Lot 28

This auction presents a collection of vibrant works including Moffat Takadiwa's tactile sculptural piece, deftly constructed from discarded material like beads and bottle tops. After graduating from Art College, Takadiwa positioned himself within the local microeconomy of recycling. While this can be an aesthetic and often political choice for artists, it's important to note the play of necessity in ravished nations like Zimbabwe. By incorporating traditional Zimbabwean crafts such as textile weaving, the artist distills complex narratives of survival and risk. On one hand we're enticed to imagine post-colonial societies where organically composed rules resonate through the brightly coloured spirals and strands of his work. Simultaneously we see the impact of modern global consumption pressing against the limits of environmental sustainability. Auction estimate (EUR 8,000-12,000)

Price realised at auction: EUR 10,200

CJ Hendry

Red Paint Swatch (Small)     Blue Paint Swatch (Small)


Important Australian & International Art

1 December 2021