Larva Labs



Contemporary Art Day Auction

8 October, 2021

Lot 127

Sourced from a generated sequence of 10,000 uniquely identifiable characters, #4964 loosely depicts a female against a cerulean blue background. While there's evidence of distinctive racial characteristics, nothing suggests allegiance to any particular subculture or urban tribe. Despite the 24x24 pixellated (less is more) construction, other characters such as #6275 have more distinguishing signifiers such as the cartoonish mohawk. Without going too deep, aesthetic interest is modulated by algebraic rules which enable the creator's ideas to be generated using a finite set of repetitious elements. Some characters seem more identifiable than others but it's actually the less identifiable ones that scaffold and support this perception. Considered in relation to this is the financial utility of the tokens which currently exchange for considerable amounts. Unlike other art based investments, there's no safety net of scholarship or provenance. Since the Cryptopunk (NFT) market is evolving rapidly in real time, it's surely restricted to those with the deepest wallets and conviction to participate. Auction estimate upon request

Price realised at Auction: GBP 474,800

Uta Barth      Field #9


A Life Among Artists: Contemporary Photographs from an Esteemed Private Collection

22 – 29 September, 2021